Health & Safety

Best Bars Ltd is committed to complying with the Health & Safety in Employment Act (1992) and all regulations relating to this Act, Codes of Practice and all other safe operating procedures.

Management is committed and responsible for the education, training and development of all employees and to help them understand and work with this commitment to the respective governing laws.

Management is committed to continuously improve and review this Health & Safety Policy document. To this end, all employees are encouraged to attend any meeting called for the purpose of discussing Health & Safety in the workplace.

The purpose of the company in having this Health & Safety document is not merely to comply with the Act but to ensure all of our employees are provided with a safe working environment. To this end, due consideration shall be given to safety issues pertaining to the purchase or design of any new equipment or process that effects any employee.

Safety in the workplace however, requires mutual cooperation from management and employees. It is therefore a company requirement that all employees actively assist management in keeping the workplace clean and hazard free and to do everything in their power to create an injury free environment. This business shall at least annually recognise employee’s who demonstrate excellence and innovative performance in work place health & safety.

All employee’s must report to their supervisor or manager any new hazards or potential hazards that may arise, they must also do everything possible to avoid an accident or injury to themselves or any other person who is employed by the company or is a visitor to the company.

Managers, Supervisors or designated Safety Officers must keep accurate reports relating to all aspects of Health & safety controls on the Best Bars site. It is a requirement that all managers, supervisors and staff are accountable, trained and competent in matters of health & safety within their specific areas of responsibility.

It is our company policy that the Health and Safety Policy is audited annually.

All employee’s have a legal requirement to comply with the Health & Safety in Employment Act and must sign to acknowledge that they have read and understood the company’s Health & Safety Documents. This is a condition of employment with Best Bars Limited.

Stephen de Kriek